Colamette Construction is an Oregon-based contractor with over two decades of experience in a diverse range of commercial projects. The company has built a solid reputation throughout Oregon and SW Washington by consistently delivering high quality work on time and within budget from a service-minded team of professionals. Colamette is big enough to handle large-scale construction projects and flexible enough to do so with an unfaltering attention to personal service.

  • Our Vision :
    Building lasting relationships through remarkable service and integrity.

  • Core Values:
    – Dependability
    – Pride
    – Team Effort
    – Integrity

Colamette's expertise extends to a number of different building types and tenants, ranging from heavy industrial to high-end retail, historic restoration to high technology. Clients like Nike, Qwest (formerly US West), Western Oregon State College and Emanuel Hospital are just a few of the institutions who have trusted Colamette to help make their dreams a reality. Visit the portfolio for details and photos of specific projects.

Colamette Construction seeks active participation with clients on every project. The firm's comprehensive services are geared to ensure the success of new or renovation projects and to minimize difficulties and surprises throughout the course of construction.

Colamette services:

  • Site Selection/Evaluation Assistance
  • Site Master Plans
  • Preliminary Design/Building Layout
  • Complete Cost Estimating; Conceptual through Final Design
  • Financial Package Development
  • Building Component Analyses and Value Engineering
  • Detailed Building Design and Plans
  • Building Agency Submittals/Approvals
  • Detailed Project Scheduling
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Fast-track Scheduling and Construction
  • Energy Smart Design
  • Professional Construction Management/On-site Supervision
  • Building Depreciation Services
  • Post Construction Analysis
  • Build-to-Suit; Lease Back Facilities
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Competitive Bid Proposals

Colamette embraced the concept of 'partnering' as a way of doing business far before the term became a popular buzzword in business. We establish solid working relationships among all parties through a mutually developed, semi-formal strategy of commitment and communication. We then work to implement this spirit of trust and teamwork throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of our work.

" In the past 15 years, we have worked on diverse projects with Colamette from the airport to downtown to the suburbs. In many instances, changes will show up during demolition or construction and require cooperative solutions from the team. With Colamette on board, decisions are made quickly and the project stays on schedule and within budget. "

Jack Miller, Miller Cook Architects

Colamette's long-standing management approach includes all of the key elements of successful partnering: Commitment, equity, trust, development of mutual goals/objectives, implementation, timely responsiveness as well as continuous evaluation.

At Colamette Construction, scheduling is a vital communication tool to maintain order and progress on each project. Colamette employs an overall Critical Path Management Schedule and the 3-week Rolling Project Schedule for maintaining control and tracking progress. We update the plan when construction begins and review and update monthly, as necessary, throughout the life of the project. Our professional management and scheduling software enables us to schedule with detail and precision.

Colamette uses software developed by the leading cost accounting software developer for the construction industry. We typically review labor costing weekly and overall project costing on a monthly basis.

Over the years, Colamette Construction has evolved as an expert in value engineering. Armed with a clear understanding of project priorities -- function, form and aesthetics -- our project estimators and project managers make recommendations on appropriate ways to cut costs. While preparing or reviewing the initial budget, they identify parts, pieces, systems and elements of projects where lesser cost alternatives could do the job. In terms of material selection, they also offer input with respect to durability, aesthetics, and applicability of use. Colamette takes great pride in its abilities and success in helping design teams meet budget goals.

Colamette Construction demands the highest standards of workmanship, first of in-house crews, and then of all subcontract trades. Project managers and superintendents assume a hands-on stance throughout the course of construction to ensure clients receive the very best quality project. We "pre-punch" each stage of the work to maintain quality and to catch any errors before they happen. What's more, Colamette encourages each person to take responsibility and pride of workmanship in everything they do.

Colamette Construction takes jobsite safety very seriously. Company-wide safety policies apply to each member of the construction team, including subcontractors and their employees, and are consistent from site to site.

New employees at Colamette are issued a copy of our comprehensive and up-to-date Safety Program, a guidebook of worksite safety processes and standards required of all employees and subcontractors. To further emphasize safe work habits, we hold weekly safety meetings at each jobsite to discuss issues and concerns. Additional meetings are scheduled when a particular jobsite activity presents special hazards or dangers, such as lifting and placing concrete tilt-up panels. Jobsite safety meetings are required for each member of the team, including the employees of our subcontractors.

hall of fame "Hall of Fame,"
Daily Journal of Commerce, Monday, Oct. 25, 1993.
A historic college building on the campus of Western Oregon State College in Monmouth, Ore, is restored.
"Colamette hits home run with Hall-Buck Marine project,"
Daily Journal of Commerce, Monday, Match 7, 1994. Colamette assists in the construction of an unique diamond-shaped concrete and steel building at Terminal 4 in North Portland.

"Communication key to US West project,"
Daily Journal of Commerce, Monday, June 20, 1994. Colamette works with US West on a fast-track project, renovating an old computer center into a high tech sales and marketing complex.

"Building Clients' Dreams,"
American Contractor, Vol. 1, No. 3.

Colamette translates dreams into successful structures for diverse clients such as Qwest (formerly US West) and Rex Hill Vineyards.

building dreams

contractor profile
"Builders, architect respond to crush of winery work," Construction Magazine, Oct. 1996, reprinted from the Daily Journal of Commerce, Portland, Ore.

Area wineries manage growth by working with experienced contractors.

"Contractor Profile: Colamette Construction Company," Construction Data & News, 1993.

Construction proves to be an exciting and rewarding career for company owner/founder Jim Hirte.

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